When it comes to talking about 2022 as a year, most people label it as the year of uncertainty, depleting economic and social conditions, disaster in terms of fires and earthquakes and obviously, the year of a global pandemic. It has also hampered everyone’s education and career plans. In such a scenario, it is normal to not have clear future plans and be confused and hesitant in planning ahead. One might ask themselves if it is worth it to go study abroad in 2022?

The answer is, and always will be YES. Yes, it is worth it to go to study abroad. Yes, it is going to prove beneficial, yes it will help you build a better resume and give you a boost over others. Travel plans should never wait. If you are reconsidering your education abroad in the year 2022, here are a few reasons that will help you decide better and leave you with no second thoughts.

The reason why 2022 is the year you should go abroad to study is:

    • While the world is reconsidering their plans about education and future and students are still unsure, being sure in such a scenario will give you a head start over the other candidates.Making up your mind in advance and applying to universities abroad within the deadlines will not only give you a better-looking resume but also offer you a better job and career opportunities. Since this year most people are unsure, they will apply next year which means a greater inflow of applications. A greater inflow of applications can reduce your chances to get noticed and leads to increased competition.
    • Going abroad also means learning in different environments and cultural settings. Having this exposure at a younger age will help you build a better personality and adapt to the changing
    • We all know studying abroad also comes with a global education standard that helps you to expand your portfolios. You can add a foreign language or skills you picked up during an internship outside. This will help build a better
    • Doing internships outside and picking up various jobs will also equip you with apt leadership, management and communication skills. The world is turning into a global village and it is extremely necessary to adapt to the changing working environments.
    • Going abroad to pursue education is synonymous with increased flexibility in the program choice and curriculum. Most Indian universities don’t let you chose what you wish to pursue. They have a set curriculum and offer very little scope for improvisation as opposed to going abroad. Universities in the west and otherwise offer you greater flexibility where they let you pick up the career path that you desire.
    • Until now we only spoke about how going abroad will boost your resume and give you an edge over others. Well, the good news is, it doesn’t just boost your resume, but also opens up avenues for greater cultural experiences.
    • When we go abroad, we make new friends. Friends who become a family. We keep them for over a lifetime and before we know it, we are networking. This networking leads to increased contacts enabling us to have a relationship across the globe.
    • Living in a different city also lets us have different cultural experiences. With the world turning into one big family, this will help us understand the various cultures better. We embrace new experiences and immerse ourselves in what we call a cultural bonanza.


    • Staying away from home not only makes you independent, self-reliant and fearless, it also teaches you very important soft skills such as time management, money management. You learn to deal with your emotions on your own making yourself stronger and smarter with each passing daily life crisis.
    • When you find a home away from home, you miss your family. Sure living alone makes you homesick, but it also makes you appreciate your family and friends back at home much more than you did earlier. You learn to find the good in small things and appreciate the minimalistic and simpler things in life.
    • An added advantage to studying across the globe is that your passport looks colorful. You learn to travel alone and get a chance to travel a lot. If you are keen to travel while making the most of your education, its time you already pack your bags!
    • Once you have traveled the world, gained essential life skills and had an education abroad, there will be no stopping you from reaching your dream job. Your recruiter will notice you in a crowd and opportunity will definitely knock on your door.

So, if you are still wondering and making up your mind, we say it’s already time. Reach us to plan your career on 76800 38666 / 6309298373. For more details visit us at www.edmappers.com

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